Mufi: Concept & Experience

The words Music and Field, Muses and Philos gave Mufi its name. Mufi is a musical field for creativity in the spirit of the muses. Over the years they have developed several user interfaces for Mufi, in order to explore new knowledge in interaction design. Some of the different user interfaces are shown at the pictures below.

mufi dance

mufi feet

mufi intro

mufi 1

mufi 2

A musical field is an open interactive space, a tangible-sonic environment. It is an environment open for potential movements, which responds in music, and where you as a user can experience the joy of creativity. Creativity is communication, coming from the joy and passion in expressing oneself by exploring, creating and collaborating in the world.

Create music in Mufi

Creation is about exploration, composition and collaboration.

Explore Mufi by moving from tile to tile. Feel free to run and be active, or stand still and listen. Pay attention to patterns in the music when you repeat a movement. You will get a response each time, but is it the same response every time?

Compose and create in Mufi only by following the rhythm and the sound. If you repeat the rhythm, Mufi will follow your traces and create new ones.

Collaborate with Mufi and your friends by expressing yourself through physical movement. Follow each other's, push yourselves listen and give each other room, repeat what you just did, make a variation and create music.

Create a field with Mufi

  1. Select tiles and side to use

mufi create 1

  1. Form each tile and create a pattern with the tiles

mufi create 2

  1. Connect the tiles together

mufi create 3

mufi create 4

mufi create 5