Reflect: Concept & Experience

Reflect is a mobile and wireless interactive tangible installation. It offers people possibilities to select and play with music and with others, and thereby reflect on their actions.

reflect curator interact

It consists of a lumber-like soft thing that you can play with on the floor, hold in your arms or over the shoulder. Reflect's embedded sensors like the touchable stars below, speakers and lighting makes it possible for the co-creator to create music and light.

reflect interact stars

Reflect has wireless modules, using an iPod/iPhone and is programmed in SuperCollider, offering dynamically changing sound synthesis and lighting.

reflect whole many

Interact in Reflect

Reflect uses a RFID-reader at the end of it's trunk (see images bellow) to collect music samples from any other thing with RFID-tags in plastic key cards attached to them, and touch and bend sensor to dynamically mix, manipulate musically and play on and with the samples.

reflect man interact

Family dancing and negotiating what next musical beat to pick over time.

reflect family interact

Man touching lighting stars that create synthesised sound. Bending the trunk like a guitar's tremolo arm and manipulating the disco beat collected earlier from one of the white RFID tags on the wall.

reflect anders interact