Unfoldings: Concept & Experience

Unfoldings explores the ambiguity of our personal ways of expression. To physically express - to press out or unfold. To make our mark on life through our personal expression and to let life make its mark on us.

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Unfoldings is an interactive audio-tactile field, open to potential movements that are reciprocated with music, moving images and light. Unfoldings is like a piece of furniture, a cross between cushion, armchair and travelling rug, to sit or lie on or use as a shawl or blanket. The individual interacts with the field by sitting down, moving or speaking - to one self or to others - to create one's own or together with others.


...to unfold yourselves and unfold your environment as a dynamic creative process. Unfold your body. Unfold your environment. Unfold and express yourselves in sound, in music, in light...


...to continiously unfold yourselves and your environment. ...to wonder, experience, share and remember...



Photo 4 unfoldings

Wonder what something really is...

Wonder what Unfoldings is. Something pulsating in light and sound. Is it alive? Is it a plant or an animal? Is it listening to what you are doing? Does it try to tell you something? Does it want something from you?


unfoldings maureen 2

Enter and experience Unfoldings. Take a seat. Feel confidence. Pull Unfoldings over you. Dive into the experience. Be aware of what you experience when you touch it. Move. Speak. You get answers in sound and light. Listen. You create your own experience.

unfoldings play

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Share your experience of Unfoldings. What do you think another person would like to do? Is he speaking to you? Listen. Answer in a way that feels right. Create together. Experience the differences. Give room for each other. Share and create a collective experience ... a shared experience.

unfoldings DJ 1

ICA/Deluxe Gallery, Sleeping bags concert June 2003. Co-creators interacts with Unfoldings, Djs (Nick Collins and Fabrice Mogini) live coding and improvising to the music created by Unfoldings.


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Remember and memorize what you experience.

Unfoldings remembers you.