Vinings: Concept & Experience

vinings 02

Vinings is based on Unfoldings. Both when it concerns technology, interaction and expressive qualities. But Vinings has new demands such as new sensors and new interaction forms. We have kept the central qualities of Unfoldings such as ambient music, generative graphics developing with music and interaction, tactile and voice interaction, software developed in SuperCollider, complex and ambiguous interaction and expression.

vinings 03

Interact in Vinings

You interact in Vinings by:

  • sitting down,
  • move the long tail,
  • touch the spirals, or
  • talk to it through the microphones.

Vinings responds in sound, light and shifting graphics.

Play and listen.
On your own or together.
Look and collaborate.
with Vinings, with each other.
Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Do as you like...

vinings 09