Orfi: Exhibited

Date Institution Event Town Country Website
May-11 University of Oslo Library NIME 2011, New Interfaces for Musical Expression Oslo Norway www.nime2011.org
Feb-09 Konstrfrämjandet Konst med alla sinnen (art with all senses) Stockholm Sweden Konst med alla sinnen
Aug-09 The Oslo School of Architecture and Design Nordes 09, Engaging Artifacts Oslo Norway ocs.sfu.ca/nordes/index.php/nordes/2009/index
Sep-08 CoMA, Contemporary Music and Artists CoMA Festival Växjö Sweden www.comasweden.se
Sep-08 IAMAS, Inst. of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Ogaki Biennale Ogaki Japan www.iamas.ac.jp/biennale08
Sep-08 CoMA, Contemporary Music and Artists Contemporary Festival - Art Music for the Future Vxj Sweden www.comasweden.se/
May-08 M/S Half Machine InteractiveSoundDesign on Tour Copenhagen Denmark www.halfmachine.dk
May-08 M12 InteractiveSoundDesign on Tour Berlin Germany m12.visomat.com
Jan-08 Museum of Modern Art Art's Birthday Stockholm Sweden www.sr.se
Oct-07 Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC) Certec 20 year's anniversary Lund Sweden www.design.lth.se