Anders-Petter Andersson

Anders-Petter Andersson is a composer, musicologist and associate professor in Interaction Design at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In his PhD thesis at Göteborg University, "Interactive Music Composition", he discusses how one can compose musically satisfying sound for games and interactive applications. Music where the listening role is complex, as the listener participates and alters the composition. With knowledge from improvisation and musicking he develops composition techniques for tangible and interactive environments such as Do-Be-DJ and Mufi. Anders-Petter founded the BA programme in Interactive Sound Design, Kristianstad University, combining music and computers.

Birgitta Cappelen

Birgitta Cappelen is an industrial designer (SID), interaction designer and associate professor at Oslo school of Architecture and Design (AHO). She is also working on her PhD at Malmö University (K3). The working title of her PhD project is "Co-create and Re-create - rethinking Industrial Design in the digital age." In her work she tries to answer the question of what meaningful design can be in our time after postmodernism and with the computer as a material requirement. Instead of designing beautiful and user-friendly objects, she suggests designing fields of possibilities with a high degree of inscription and potential of circulation. She calls this design quality "multivalence".

Fredrik Olofsson

Fredrik Olofsson is a musician, programmer and video artist. Olofsson is educated in music composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and at the School of Music in Piteå. He develops software for web-jamming and interactive installations. He is an active developer in SuperCollider and Max/MSP communities. He also fiddles with electronics, creates algorithmic dance music, where rhythm, melody, sound and form change with every playback, tries to do live-coding on stage ( and sometimes performs in the audiovisual duo klippav. 2008 Fredrik was Artist-in-Residence at IAMAS in Japan.