Unique Musical Interaction and E-textile student workshop

Musical interaction at AHOThe RHYME project members Fredrik Olofsson, Birgitta Cappelen and Anders-Petter Andersson contribute to  the collaborative student course between AHO and KhiO on “Musical Interaction and E-textile”.  The first week of the three week course ended with a presentation on Friday the 21. October at AHO. The AHO students have worked on musical interaction and the relation to the musical artefacts’ shape and structure in a chosen use context. The KhiO students had in the same week an introduction to electronics.

Sketching the shape Testing the interaction Testing the microphone Testing the sounds

The next week (Oct 24-28) the KhiO and AHO students worked together with focus on the textile qualities and created their own e-textile, embedding the sound, sensors, wire and light into the textile.

Co-co, Maria and Alexanders conductive and light embrodery   

The last week they put it all together and created a new Musical Artefact based on RHYME iDevice and iPhone/iPod Touch. The workshop ended with a public presentation and an exhibition at KhiO the 4. November. The projects->

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