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Borgstena Textile



Created by:

Concept and interaction design
Anders-Petter Andersson, Fredrik Olofsson and Birgitta Cappelen

Fredrik Olofsson

Fredrik Olofsson (composition rules, genre Glch, Mini), Anders-Petter Andersson (composition rules, genre Tati, Arvo, Jazz, Funk, Rytm), Sven Andersson, Jens Lindgård and Petter Lindgård (music, genre Jazz, Funk, Rytm) music registered at the Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM). Arvo Pärt (Arvo based on Alina), Jaques Tati (Tati, based on the sound track from "Les Vacences de Monsieur Hulot")

Generative graphics
Birgitta Cappelen and Fredrik Olofsson

Electronics and sensor network
Fredrik Olofsson, Anders-Petter Andersson, Birgitta Cappelen with assistance from Aron Falk and Mats Björk

Sound system
Anders-Petter Andersson, Fredrik Olofsson with assistance from Fredrik Norrgren

Physical Design
Birgitta Cappelen

Textile production
Birgitta Cappelen with assistance from Johanna Rydeman and Ann-Christine Strömbeck