Reflect: System description

The software reads a string of data from RFID tags (white round cards on the wall) to trigger music samples in 6 different musical and graphical genres/scenes. The music is synchronised to the ongoing beat and can be manipulated with bend and touch sensors.

reflect tags berlin

Reflect's software rules for interaction and composition is created with SuperCollider, real-time audio synthesis programming language.

reflect head close

reflect fred sleep 2

The hardware in the soft Reflect object has:

  • 6 pwm channels for 24 leds
  • 5 touch sensors with 5 response leds
  • 2 bend sensors
  • 1 rfid reader
  • 1 rechargeable li-po battery
  • 1 speaker
  • 1 on/off switch with usb charger connector

reflect reflection tag on wall