Unfoldings: System description

Unfoldings consists of 18 cushion-like, body sized soft objects in red textile, filled with soft material. Each cushion contains two digital pressure sensitive sensors, one bend sensor and one microphone, light leds connected to a dimmer and speakers. Unfoldings creates output in dynamically changing sound, light and moving image. The moving image is projected on the wall.

The system is constructed as a three-level model. The first level represent/is the identy of unfoldings it self, with selfgenerated output in sound, light and movingf images. The second level is the interaction level, reacting directly upon what the users do. The third level is the collaboration-level, which remembers what has happened, logs it and create output related to collaboration over time, in light, sound and moving images.

The Unfoldings software is developed in SuperCollider and Jitter/Max/MSP (graphics).

For further technical description and drawings contact MusicalFieldsForever.