Amazing student projects

Friday 2. November the master course in Tangible Interaction, Sensorial and Musical Interaction at AHO, ended with an open student presentation and exhibition. Birgitta started the presentation by giving an overview over the RHYME project, the student courses led by RHYME from 2010 to 2012 and the design challenges we have in this field. It stared with a 2 week course in E-textile  in 2010 to a 3 week course in E-textile and Musical Interaction in 2011 to a 4 week course in Sensorial and Musical Interaction this year. The first week the students created “sensorial sensors“, the next week 3 new Musicking Tangible concepts and the last two the developed one concept to a final working model.  After the introduction the 6 student groups gave their presentation of their process to their end result:  Stump Drum, Dynamic Rock, Cove, Chilli Net, Ebbe, and Whispering Willow. More information about each project will come later. Link to some process pictures. And below are some pictures from the exhibition:


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