RHYME with strong imprints at Music Therapy conference

The RHYME project contributes with three papers, one poster and a round-table to the 8th Nordic Music Therapy Congress. The theme of the conference is “Music therapy across contexts” and is arranged in Oslo at the Norwegian Academy of Music from August 5th to 8th   2015.
Four of six RHYME members are contributing at the NMTC conference. Anders-Petter Andersson presents a paper on “Composing Interactive Music for Shifting Between Diverse Contexts”. Birgitta Cappelen presents a paper with the title “Vision for the Future of Music Technology for Music Therapy and Music and Health”. Karette Stensæth presents a  poster with the title “Will the future home environment be musical, digital and interactive?” and together with Ingelill Eide the paper “Umberto Eco’s notions ‘The open work’ and ‘A field of possibilities’: New perspectives for music therapy?” Even Ruud is chairing a round-table with the title “From Music Therapy to Music and Health”,  a theme of great importance to the RHYME project.
Read the paper abstracts here.

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