3 new hardware plattforms

During the summer (2011) we have explored, developed and tested several hardware possibilities for future RHYME prototypes.  We have now decided on 3 hardware platforms to develop further.
The first and easiest one is based on iPhone/iPod and our own custom designed “breakout board”,  which we have chosen to call RHYME iDevice 1.0. We have already developed several sketches and prototypes on the iDevice platform. The iDevice board will also be used in the “Music interaction and e-textile” course this autumn, that we run together with the Textile department at the Oslo National Academy of Art (KhiO).

The second platform we call RHYME Wireless. It is based on an Android Smartphone and Arduino ADK. ADK is short for Android Open Accessory Development Kit, and is Google’s I/O platform for connecting new hardware devices to Android phones.  RHYME Wireless can run with or without the RHYME Master, and this decide the possibilities for interaction and collaboration with other devices on the Internet.

The third platform we call RHYME Wired which is wired to the power network. This opens up for exploring more power depending sensory possibilities in sound, tactile stimulation and visuals.

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