Polly World, The EHiN conference 2016, 15-16 November 2016, Oslo Spectrum, Norway

Polly World, The Cultural Rucksack Akershus,  30. September 2016,
Frydenlund School and Resource Center, Norway

Polly World, The Cultural Rucksack Akershus,  28. September 2016,
Jessheim School and Resource Center, Norway

Polly World, The Cultural Rucksack Akershus, 26. September 2016,
Sandvika High School, Norway

Polly World, The Cultural Rucksack Akershus, 22.-23. September 2016,
Skånningsrud School and Resource Center, Norway

Polly World, The Cultural Rucksack Akershus,  10. March 2016,
Sofiemyrtoppen School and Resource Center, Oppegård, Norway

Polly World, The Cultural Rucksack Akershus,  8-9. March 2016,
Haug School and Resource Center, Bærum, Norway

Vitalising Welfare Technology, 30. October 2015, Sagenehuset, Oslo, Norway


Polly World, 29. May 2015,  Kulturtorg, DKS Akershus, Galleri Oslo, Norway

Polly World, 14-17. April 2015, Kunst og Designhall HiOA, Oslo, Norway



Reflect at NIME 2014, 3. July 2014, Goldsmith, London, UK

Reflect at NIME2014 Photo : Sara


Sensorial and Musical Interaction, AHO, 2. November 2012, Oslo, Norway

Interaction with the soft glowing flower Silje rokcing in Cove Photo: Stian Ruud Change music with the RFID toy shaped tag Chilli Net-3 Dancing with Stump Drum Interaction with StubDrum EBBE-1 Ebbes lightplay

RHYME at Nordic Snoezelen Conference, 25. September 2012, Holmen, Norway

Reflect at MusicMakers event at Prince Charles, September 2012, Berlin

Woman interacts in Reflect Detail of tag reflections on the wall in Reflect Close up of Reflect musicking tangibles  Reflect projection and tags on the wall

RHYME at UD 2012, June 2012, Lillestrøm/Oslo

Wave Carpet, ORFI and Wave Orange at Open Day, Haug school and Resource Centre, May 2012, Bærum

iDevice Included in e-textile Wave Orange Experience the sound and light  Girl plays with Wave`s bubblefield Boy and girl musicking in ORFI


RHYME projects at AHO-Works December 2011, Oslo

Hysj at AHO WORKS. Photo Stian K. Ruud Silje Rocking the Hysj chair and creates changes in light and sound Candy Mountain Express at AHO WORKS Slenduro at AHO WORKS

Musical Interaction and e-textile at KhiO Gallery, 4. November 2011, Oslo

E-textile samples Coralin and Maria interacts with Slenduro Rocking the horse Interaction in Meduse Interact with the glowing cell Close to the pulsating cell Singing to the Audio Membrane Membrane Interact

ORFI interactive installation, Exhibition at The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, NIME 2011UiO Library, May-June 2011, Oslo

Here is the video NRK beta made and uploaded on Youtube.

RHYME at Put the essenceotrons on at AHO Gallery, November 2011, Oslo


E-textile  student exhibition at KhiO Gallery,  22. October 2010, Oslo

Puff close Clowing Puffs Carpet close Cocong

RHYME on Vimeo