Photo: Anthony Perritano

Jo Herstad, Project Manager,
Associate Professor in Informatics, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.
johe (at)

Anders-Petter Andersson, AHO’s development team, Sound Designer, Musicologist, Associate Professor at HiOA, PostDoc in Interactive Sound Design at Kristianstad University and Member of the art group MusicalFieldsForevermore->
anders (at)

Even Ruud, Research responsible,
Professor in Music Therapy and Musicology, Centre for Music and Health, Norwegian Academy of Music and Department of Musicology, University of Oslo. more->

Karette Stensæth, Responsible for Observations, Post Doc.,
Music Therapist,  Associate Professor in Music Therapy, Centre for Music and Health, Norwegian Academy of Music. more->

Birgitta Cappelen, AHO’s development team, Responsible for design and development of new prototypes, Industrial Designer  and Interaction Designer, Associate Professor in Interaction Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design – AHO (Project owner). Member of the art group MusicalFieldsForever, Birgitta’s sitemore->

Fredrik Olofsson, AHO’s development team, Composer, Hardware and Software Developer,  Video Artist,  (not in the photo).  Member of the art group MusicalFieldsForevermore ->