Co-creative Tangibles

During the project we will develop 3 new generations of  prototypes of co-creative tangibles (musicking tangibles), to be tested together with families and children with special needs at Haug School and Resource Centre. Co-creative tangibles are ICT based, mobile, networked and multimodal things, which communicate following musical, narrative and communicative principles. They are interactive, social, intelligent things that motivate people to play, communicate and co-create, and thereby reduce passivity and isolation, and strengthen health and well-being.

We started the project by testing ORFI, co-creative tangibles developed earlier by three of RHYME’s members: Anders-Petter Andersson, Birgitta Cappelen and Fredrik Olofsson in MusicalFieldsForever.

Currentlig we have 3  generations of co-creative tangibles:

Generation 1.  ORFI – the starting point

Generation 2
.  WAVE Carpet – mulimodal and wired with camera, projector, sensors, microphones, vibrators, speakers and LEDs inside.

Generation 3
. – mobile with smartphone, speakers, LEDs and diverse sensors inside:
REFLECT  and WAVE ORANGE – wireless and mobile (smartphone based, + jDevice and iDevice card) and student designed co-creative, musical tangibles (with kDevice card)  Stump DrumRolling RockCoveChilli NetEbbe, and Whispering Willow.

Generaton 4.  – tangible and sosial to be developed , Polly World, until testing summer/authumn 2014 – winter/spring 2015