Student Projects

Many students work on projects related to RHYME.
And many courses are runned in relation to the RHYME project:

E-textile  AHO-Design and KhiO-Textile, Fall 2010
INF5261-Mobile information and services Informatics UiO, Spring 2011
Music interaction and E-textile AHO-Design and KhiO-Textile, Fall 2011
Sensorial and musical interaction” at AHO-Design, Fall 2012.
Internet of Thing, Design the Future Multi-Sensorial IoT,  Spring 2015
Electronics and Textile for movement,  HiOA, Spring 2015
Health Improving Technology at Work, HKDI, Spring 2015
Healing Things at Home,  HKDI, Spring 2015
Multi-Sensorial Health Promoting Interactive Installations at Shopping Centers,  HKDI, Spring 2015

Vitalising Welfare Technology, AHO-Design, Fall 2015