Musical interaction and e-textile (2011)

The Musical interaction and e-textile workshop lasted three weeks. During two of them the AHO Design students collaborated with the KhiO Art students. First they made e-textile samples, some are shown here.

The last week they collaborated on making musical artefacts in e-textile together. Below is a list of some musical artefact projects that where created during the workshop at AHO/KhiO in October 2011. All the groups worked with the RHYME developed platform RHYME iDevice, a speaker, microphone, LEDs and an iPhone or iPod Touch as the computer. The software was programmed in Pure Data by Fredrik Olofsson with one exception.

Hysj explores the possibilities of using textile and electronics to create a calm personal space. We also looked in the calming effect of rocking chairs and how this continuos movement could be enhanced by sound and light. The interaction plays on the removal of sounds from your environment and visual noise.

We found it necessary to create a small room to both visually, physically and emotionally mute our surroundings. Inside the room there is a  rocking chair, sound isolating walls and carpet. a woven carpet with embeded lights, a light ceiling contruction. There is a designed contrast between structure and soft textile. The sounds consist of echoes and amplifications from the local surroundings. The lights are mounted into a woven carpet that hangs from the ceiling creating a focal point.

   Created by:
Silje, Yen Sigrid, Siren og Siri

We wanted to recreate the ambient atmosphere of the jellyfish, the movement, the light and the sound of the under water. This is our perception of the experience of the beautiful jellyfish.
We made a  huge interactive jellyfish that you can interacte with by playing with the tentacles. The embedded lights will blink when you connect the different tentacles. The jellyfish moves as you interact with it and the under water sound will change according to the movement. More ->

Created by:
Monika, Nicolas, Peder and Øyvind

A slumbering organism. Pulsating. Humming. Suspended in a dark corner.
Is it growing? Is it expanding? On the way out? Is it a retreat, back to where it came from?
It`s alive and knows that you are here…

Created by:
Maja, Morten and Tefu

Our goal with Slenduro was to create a relaxing interactive instrument. We took inspiration from wind chimes, falling snow and used the tones from the Indonesian instrument Gamelan. The Interaction part is that you gently hit the snowballs and that will cause the gyro sensor to play of random tones and some of the snowballs will light up. If you hit it a bit harder it will play a 3 tone melody and more lights will glow. In a dim enviroment the Slenduro has a magical effect to it, where the snowfalls look like fluffy fireflies and the gamelan tones creates a relaxing soundstream.

    Created by:
Aleksander, Coralie and Maria

Candy mountain express
Candy mountain express is an attempt to revitalize the slumbering child in every adult. Every human has at some time been a child and that is still a part of us, whether we give ourselves the possibility to act it out or not. With candy mountain express, we try to build a fast route to silliness, enabling every adult to let go of their, in many cases, unwanted excessive maturity. Using an iconic childhood symbol like the rocking horse and combining it with a strict design and car upholstery as the cover facilitates the pronity (ponity) to instigate interaction.

   Created by:
Andreas, Emil and Magnus

Aural Membrane
The Aural Membrane translates sound into organic motion. It uses a subwoofer which vibrates at low frequencies and sets in motion a cluster of waterfilled balloons. The movement and lighting changes depending on the frequency of the incoming sound.

   Created by:
Espen, Klas and Stian