You can choose the music you like to play by selecting a Scene card  (see below) with a RFID-tag.

Child select a Scene card Child activates the Scene and makes a music choice.

There are several Music Tunes and Soundscapes available in the Polly World. The Scene governs both the sound and visual experience. Every Scene is built up of musical elements that are being composed together in real time based on user interaction and advanced musical rules.

Here are some of the many current Scenes available:
fox-2 lys-2 byssa-2 city-2 factory-2 gimme-2 lonesome-2 Boogie WonderlandDyrene i Afrika edderkopp-2 help-2 bakvendtland-2

You can can create and play music in many ways in the Polly World. You can play the selected musical tune by holding the Fury Tag-Thing against the RFID-reader over long time. Additionally you can interact with the bend, and touch sensors in the Polly Co-creative Tangibels to vary the music further. You can further sing into the microphone. Polly World then adds effects to your voice in real time and you can change it further by moving and thereby activating the Movement-sensor. Polly World also records your voice so you can play with it in a musical manner by interacting with the Bend-sensors.

Child handling the bendsensor alone Interaction with Polly Planet's Bend-sensor