Polly Land

Polly Land-, Polly Ocean and Polly Fire

Polly Land is a large wired Interactive Landscape in the Polly World. Polly Land has three arms and an embedded projector for a close and intimate relation to live video and dynamic graphics. One of Polly Lands arms has a Microphone for voice input, one has a Camera for live video and one arm has a RFID-reader for selecting and playing music in several ways using Scene Cards and Tag-Things.

Microphone with easy holdable handel in Polly Land Camera Interaction in Polly Land Camera and Microphone interaction with Projector output in Polly Land Polly Land chosing music and visual expression with RFID embedded Scene Card (here Michael Jackson)

In addition Polly Land has six Touch-sensors and four Bend-sensors to vary the music further. It also has several sensorial stimulating surfaces to enrich the sensory experience.

Polly Land Soft Blue Touch Sensor with light output Polly Land with many soft blue Touch Sensors with sounding RGB light output Polly Land with bend sensor and light response Polly Land with sensorial stimulating surfaces

More about making music and sensorial experiences in the Polly World here.

Family interacting with Polly Land

Below is a Technical drawing of Polly Land:

Technical drawing Polly Land