INF5261 – Mobile information systems and services (2011)

One group at the course “Development of mobile information systems and services”, INF5261  decided to work related to the RHYME project. Their project is called Music Impro App.

Music Impro App
The intention of the Music Impro App project was to develop a prototype application that may support the goals set by the RHYME project through the use of common smart phones running traditional software platforms. Watch the final presentation video (norwegian) and read more->
The 20.October they won 2nd price and 20.000 NOK in the Idea Price 2011 contest.

Later they got research money to develop the concept further for the market.

Created by:
Kjartan Vestvik, Tommy Madsen, Geirr Sethre, Jan Ole Skotterud and Joakim Bording.

The project has later developed into two Masters Thesis in Informatics at University in Oslo Summer 2012:

Kjartan Vestvik
Music Impro App – challenges in developing a musical network of mobile terminals

Madsen, Tommy
Music Impro App – en empirisk undersøkelse av mobilen som et musikalsk instrument for sosialt samvær i familier