E-textile workshop 2010

E-textile workshop in October 2010
In October 2010 we arranged a two weeks E-textile workshop with AHO Tangible Interaction students and KhiO Textile students at KhiO.

Below are some Blogg posts from the workshop:
startup- electronics- knitted stretch sensor- intense work– many leds- mid presentation-soup- dyeing- knitting- web publicity- last day- final presentation

Below are some pictures from the presentation and exhibition:

The student paper Universitas visited the exhibition and made a nice piece on the workshop and took many pictures.

Some groups created short videos of ther projects:Puff from Julie Olsson on Vimeo.

Rocky the sleepyhead from Nick Stevens on Vimeo. Nick and Svein continued to work in textile in their next project also:

SkinFlick from Nick Stevens on Vimeo.