Polly APPs

There are two APPs in the Polly World, Polly Control (light grey background below) and Polly Compose (black background below), that are connected to each other.

   Polly Compose graphical user interface of Polly Fire
Polly Compose is for composing music in the Polly World with a screen based user interface on a Smartphone or Tablet over the Internet. So if a family member is away from home, he can participate in the music making with the family at home, where the Polly Tangibles are, by interacting with the Polly Compose APP on his smartphone.
Anders choose Scene (Music, light and graphics) on the Polly Compose APP on his iPad Anders interacts and create music on the Polly Planet at home through Polly Compose's graphical interface on his iPad.   Write composition code in the Edit-screen Choose action to perform from the action-menu in the Edit-screen  

Polly Compose has two different views you can toggle between as your competence and mastery level increase. One is a graphical user interface where you interact directly with the screen as shown in the picture (see the black user interface above).

The other view is a text base user interface where you write in Polly’s own high level music composition Twitter language.

Polly Control is an APP for set-up and control of the Polly World. In Polly Control you can control volume level and overrule the played Scene and if one for some reason need to change the music.
You can watch which users are on-line (see the light grey user interface above) and if he or she is composing music for the mobile tangibles (Polly Planet, Polly Fire and Polly Ocean) in the APP Polly Compose.
Further you can register new users, create new scenes and  create new music programs for structuring your daily musicking.