Wave Orange (3. Gen – Mobile, Wireless )

Wave Orange is a wireless iPhone/iPod based interactive co-creative tangible to play on and with. It has two interactive arms. In the long orange arm the iPhone/iPod is placed, and we use the built in accelerometer as the input sensor. The black arm contains a microphone, which the user can sing or talk into. LEDs integrated into the textile respond to the voice and movement input. LEDs in the textile also visualize the created music. The speaker is in the orange wide light field, where you can create your own sound and light experience. It will be part of the user study at Haug School spring 2013.

Anders sings and Interacts in Wave Orange Anders sings in Wave Orange

Wave Orange includes the following input and output devices:

  • iPhone/iPod`s included accelerometer and light response in orange arm
  • Microphone with light response in black arm
  • 24 LEDs integrated in the textile communicate interaction response and give rhythmic and visual pulse
  • Speaker

Additionally Wave Orange includes the following technology:

  • RHYME iDevice
  • Pure Data  as musical programming language writing software
  • Arduino as programming language for control of the iDevice card