Presentations and Lectures


23. January, Vitalising Welfare Technology – a new paradigm in health technology, B. Cappelen, The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth,
Oslo, Norway


15. November, Vitalising Welfare Technology – a new paradigm in health technology, B. Cappelen, EHiN 2016, Oslo, Norway

6. October, Health Improving Multi-Sensorial and Musical Environments,
AP. Anderssson, AudioMostly 2016,  Norrköping,  Sweden

23. August,Embodied and Distributed Parallel DJing, B. Cappelen
Universal Design 2016, York, UK

22. April, Update – Empowering Fields , B. Cappelen
SPEDUTEC NordPlus Horisontal, Tallinn, Estonia

15. April, Smart Textile in Vitalising Welfare Technology, B. Cappelen, ARCINTEX Conferense, Borås, Sweden

10. February, Lecture “Interactive Sensorial Empowering Fields”, Empowerment Research Group HIOA, (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences), Kjeller, B Cappelen

8. February, Lecture “Interactive Sensorial Textile Experiences”, Workshop “E-textile”, Digital Lab, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KhiO), B Cappelen


2. November, 5 Generations of RHYME tangibles, B. Cappelen, A-P Andersson, SPEDUTEC NordPlus Horisontal, Goetenburg, Sweden
30. October,  Vitalising Welfare Technology, B.Cappelen, Sagenehjemmet
18. September,  Inclusive life worlds. Visions and concepts for urban development and care design, Workshop, B.Cappelen and Nicolas Albrecht Bindseil,
Nordic Network for the Study of Professional Practice and Diakonia
Topic for the conference – Social Innovation in Care and Welfare Services
15. September, Health Improving Technology – Art and Design perspective on Welfare Technology, Lecture, B.Cappelen, A. Andersson, Master in Welfare Technology at HIOA (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences)
15. September, Designing Health Improving Technology, Workshop, Master in Welfare Technology at HIOA (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences)
11. September, From ORFI to Polly World – 4 Generations of Trans-disciplinary Collaboration in the RHYME Project, Lecture, B.Cappelen, A. Andersson, Master in Product Design at HiOA (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences), Norway
8. August, From Music Theraphy to Music and Health – Roundtable , E. Ruud, K. Stensæth, NMTC 2015
8. August, Umberto Eco’s notions ‘The open work’ and ‘A field of possibilities’ New perspectives for music therapy? , K Stensæth, I Eide, NMTC 2015
7. August, Composing Interactive Music for Shifting Between Diverse Contexts, A. Andersson, NMTC 2015
7. August,  Vision for the Future of Music Technology for Music Therapy and Music and Health , B. Cappelen, NMTC 2015
6. August,  Will the future home environment be musical, digital and interactive?, K. Stensæth, NMTC 2015
29. May,  Polly World, a multi-sensorial installation , B.Cappelen,
Kulturtorget, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken Akershus, Galleri Oslo
15. April,  Health Promoting Interactive and Musical Co-creation, K.Stensæth
Aesthetics and Children with Special Needs, HiOA,
15. AprilDesigning Empowering Interactive MSE, B.Cappelen
Aesthetics and Children with Special Needs, HiOA,
15. AprilVocal and Musical Interaction for Health, A.Andersson
Aesthetics and Children with Special Needs, HiOA,
15. April, Workshop: Internet of Thing, Design the Future Multi-Sensorial IoT,
Aesthetics and Children with Special Needs, HiOA, B Cappelen, A.Andersson
10. April,  Music, Health, Technology and Design, K.Stensæth
Envisioning the Future of Music Therapy, 7th Arts and Quality of Life Research Center Conference, Temple University, USA
9-11 April, Workshop: Electronics and Textile for movement, HiOA, A. Anderson
1 April, RHYME and Multi-Sensory Environment, Mental health Assosiation of Hong Kong Cornwall School, Hong Kong
31 March, Co-Creative Multi-Sensorial Interactive Art for All at M+, M+ Museum for visual culture, B Cappelen
31 MarchWorkshop: Healing Things (Health Improving Technology) at Work,
HKDI-Communication Design & Digital Media, B Cappelen, A. Anderson
31 March, Improving Health in Your Everyday. Open Mind Master Lectures by DESIS LabHong Kong Design Institute, B Cappelen
30 March, My Thoughts on Design – Quality, Openness, Sensorial Interaction and Value: Open Mind Master Lectures by DESIS LabHong Kong Design Institute, B Cappelen
26 March, Diversity, Openness and Health – Designing Healing Things for Health improvement and Empowerment, Diversity, HKDI-Communication Design & Digital Media, B Cappelen,
26 MarchWorkshop: Healing Things (Health Improving Technology) at Home,
HKDI-Communication Design & Digital Media, B Cappelen, A. Anderson
24. March, RHYME and Multisensory Interaction, Heep Hong Society, Hong Kong
18-26 March, Workshop; Multi-Sensorial Health Promoting Interactive Installations at Shopping Centers, HKDI-Communication Design & Digital Media, B Cappelen, A. Anderson
18 March, RHYME and Musical interaction, Jockey Club ADA Inclusive Arts StudioJCCAC, Hong Kong
12. March, RHYME and Demetia, Jockey Club Centre for Positive Aging, Hong Kong


22. September, Kan det å spele musikk på ’ting’ heime – saman med resten av familien – fremje helse? Om RHYME, Forskningsdagene, Oslo, K.Stensæth
8. SeptemberDesigning Next Generation Interactive MSE, Nordic Snoezelen Conference 2014, Helsingør, B.Cappelen
8. SeptemberMusic in RHYME, Nordic Snoezelen Conference, 2014, A.Andersson
3. July, Designing Sound for Recreation and Well-Being, NIME2014, A. Andersson
29. June, Creating Musical Actors, ESSA Conference 2014, Copenhagen, A. Andersson
24. April, A new cultural aesthetic paradigm for designing health tec., HiOA,  B.Cappelen
13. March, Designing Module Based Smart Textile, ArcInTex, Gotenborg, B.Cappelen


9. November, Interactive Music for Health, 3rd Music for All Cf., Helsinki, A. Andersson
8. August, Vocal and Tangible Technology for Music&Health,  EMTC 2013, A.Andersson
2. July, Towards an Empowering Tangible Interaction Design, Include2013, B.Cappelen
2. July, Vocal and Tangible Interaction Crossing Borders, Include2013, A.Andersson
1. May, Three tensions in participatory design for inclusion,  CHI 2013, H. Holone
16. April, Hvordan kan musikkmøbler fremme helsen?, NMH Adm. sem, K. Stensæth
13. January, RHYME, European Creative Futures, NMH, Oslo, K. Stensæth


2. NovemberSensorial and Musical interaction, AHO, B. Cappelen
26. October, PhD Def., Interactive Music composition, Musicology UG, A. Andersson
24. October, Reflect – an empowering NFC … A. Andersson, F. Olofsson, B. Cappelen
16. October
, Fields… Resource orientation, diversity and empowerment, IFI, B. Cappelen
15. October
, Making sense of co-creative tangibles…, NordiCHI2012, H. Holone
23. September, Perspectives on ArtInTex, ArtInTex Conference, B Cappelen
16. August, What we talk about when we talk about co-… , PDC2012, J. Herstad
11. August, A life with smart things,  2nd Health Humanities Conf., K. Stensæth
13. JulyMusicking Tangibles for Empowerment, ICCHP 2012, B.Cappelen
13. JulyMusicking for All, ICCHP 2012, H.Holone
20. JuneRHYME–samskapning gjennom fysisk interaksjon og musikk, R2D2, J.Herstad
16. June, Musical furniture? Health and therapy potentials… , NMTC 2012, K.Stensæth
15.  June, Design of musicking interactive thingsNMTC 2012, B.Cappelen, A.Anderson
13.  June, Interaction with pillowsUniversal Design 2012, J.Herstad
11.  June, Openess for Diversity, Universal Design 2012, B.Cappelen
20. March, RHYME samsspill på like vilkår, HiO, B. Cappelen
15. March, SuperCollider og Synterisk lyd, Sonen, Inst. of Informatics, F. Olofsson


14. December, Singing furniture -, Culture and Society 2011, K.Stensæth
28. November, Smart Textile for Music&Health, Ambience11 , B.Cappelen, A.Anderson
9. November,  Music and Public Health, 4th EPH 2011, K.Stensæth and E.Ruud
18. October, Fields for Co-creation, Dep. of Informatics, UiO, B.Cappelen
23. September, Researchers Night 2011, Science Museum, Oslo, K.Stensæth
12.-14. September, Communicative Musicality, Dep. of Music, UiO, K.Stensæth, E.Ruud
30. August, The world of informatics, Dep. of Informatics, UiO, J.Herstad
1. June, 11. NIME Conference NIME 2011, Oslo, A.Anderson and B.Cappelen
31. May, 4. Nordic Design Research Conference NORDES2011 , Helsinki, B.Cappelen
20. May, 3. Norwegian Conference on Music Therapy , Fana, K.Stensæth and E.Ruud
17. May, RE-NEW conference IMAC2011, Copenhagen, B.Cappelen and A.Andersson
6. April, 10. National ISAAC conference, Sundvollen, B.Cappelen
14. March,  Department of Product Design, NTNU, B.Cappelen
14. February, User oriented design, Dep. of Informatics, UiO, B.Cappelen
7. February, Seniornett, Asker, J.Herstad


20. October, Experimental Design, Dep. of Informatics, UiO, B.Cappelen
16. September, K3 -Seminars, Malmo University, B.Cappelen
2. June, Brukerforum IT-Funk , Norwegian Research Council, B.Cappelen