RHYME lecture and Workshop at KhiO

Birgitta lecture at Khio Birgitta shows Polly Ocean at Khio Birgitta shows Rhyme web site at Khio E-textile workshop at the textile department

The 8th of February RHYME member Birgitta Cappelen lectured at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KhiO). The title of her lecture was “Interactive Sensorial Textile Experiences”. In the lecture, Birgitta focused on her more personal background and motivation for her participation with RHYME, and the work with developing the textile expression and sensorial qualities of the RHYME tangibles.
After the lecture, Birgitta and Anders-Petter facilitated a beginner’s workshop in e-textile where all participants got a simple kit with battery, led, conductive yarn and switch to make their first e-textile “exploration” .

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