Master in Music Therapy (2013)

Music therapist Ingelill Eide’s master project in RHYME has the title:
Co-creation with Interactive Musical Tangibles: Potential Structures for Intersubjective Interaction – A New Landscape in Music Therapy?
This is a Master project in Music Therapy at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Eide’s qualitative research project is explorative and includes semi-structured interviews and video observations. The interviewees are employees in the school of the participating children and assist the children in the co-creation with the interactive musical tangibles during the testing.

The research project addresses the following research question:
What are the potential structures in health promoting co-creation between children with disabilities, close others and interactive musical tangibles?

Karette Stensæth is the supervisor in the project.

The Master Thesis got very positive responce and a high grade. Congratulations Ingelill! The thesis final name became (ET FELT AV MULIGHETER: Om potensielle strukturer, interaktive musikkting, helse og musikkterapi.” ( A field of possibilities: About potential structures, interactive music things, health and music therapy.)