The “Vitalising Welfare Technology” course has started

workshopToday, 12th October, the master course “Vitalising Welfare Technology” started with an extensive workshop with residents, caregivers, family, experts and designers at Sagenehjemmet. The workshop was a great success and the groups created over 40 ideas for new concepts of welfare technology, and gathered important insights for future work.

The “Vitalising Welfare Technology” course is a module within Tangible Interaction for master students in Interaction Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The course is a starting collaboration on welfare technology, between Diakonhjemmet University College and  Institute of Design at AHO.

During the course, the students will create welfare technology based on the 5th generation of the RHYME technology platform, which is an upgraded version of what we used in Polly World for the wireless modules (Polly Planet, Polly Ocean and Polly Fire).  The goal is to create welfare technology for vitalisation and health improvement of the persons living at care homes. This is welfare technology designed from a person’s point-of-view (humanistic health approach), not, as often done today, as a mediation of existing health services, where the goal is  control, measurement and management of bio-medical data.

The end presentation will be at Sagenehjemmet 30th October at 13.00. The exhibition of the designed welfare technology will be in Sagenehuset and starts after the presentation at 16.00. Welcome!

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