New 3rd Generation solutions under development

During July and August the RHYME development team (Fredrik, Anders-Petter and Birgitta) is working intensively to develop new solutions for light, sensory stimulation, interaction, battery, projection and mobile musical communication based on smart phones. Wireless communication and devices have large limitations compared to wired solutions, that we developed in Generation 2 with the Wave Carpet. Smart phones and their intended use also represent great challenges for our tangible musical concepts regarding communication between devices, embedding, joint battery solutions and system control.
Below are some of the many material, colour, surface and sensory explorations.

Further we are working on the mobile hardware platform to offer all tangible interaction forms we like to include, based on smart phone technology. First we are rebuilding our iDevice  breakout card to offer a joint battery solution and other interaction forms than we had in the first version. (We used the first iDevice card in Wave Orange and in all student projects fall 2011.) Up to now we have developed 4 different mobile plattforms that we call iDevice 1.0, iDevice 1.1, iDevice 1.5, jDevice and kDevice.
Further we are exploring and testing other platforms on the market, where there are many. But designing social, empowering, tangible, musical interaction (musicking) are very demanding on many levels, so we struggle with many limitations. We are also exploring alternative projection solutions that are more suitable in a home.


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