Reflect in Berlin

This year’s co-creative tangibles are mobile and  wireless. We have developed 3 new, additional to last years, hardware mobile platforms to test different concepts and combinations of hardware and software. It has been a challenge to include speakers, microphone and sensors into the same object, so we have developed different ways to include a sound source. The first prototype is Reflect, where we use RFID to collect music samples, and touch and bend sensor to dynamic mix, manipulate musically and play on and with the samples.  Reflect uses an iPod/iPhone and is programmed in SuperCollider.

MusicalFieldsForever (RHYME development team Fredrik, Birgitta and Anders-Petter) were invited to exhibit at the Musicmakers event in Berlin 14. September 2012. At the event we made and staged an installation version of Reflect. Very many people came and tested and experienced Reflect, which gave us invaluable input.
Here are some photos of Reflect at the event.

Video illustrations of the prototype from Vimeo

Peter Kirn wrote about it on his blogg

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