Video of the 3rd Generation student projects are online!

Here are videoes of the student projects from the Sensorial and Musical Interaction course at AHO 2012. Stian Ruud recorded video during the exhibition 2. November and edited short video clips to put on Vimeo. All the Musicking Tangibles are wireless and run by iPodTouch and RHYMEs breakout card kDevice, which uses Bluetooth. The Tangibles use various sensors like pressure  touch, RFID, microphone and accelerometers to play and vary the music. All music programming is done in SuperCollider. All installations has LEDs included in the textile that vary with the interaction and music. The Stump Drum also has vibrators as output in its arms. Watch the video clips here below. You can find more information of the project  by clicking on the project names.

Chilli Net


Dynamic Rock


Stump Drum

Whispering Willow

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