Creating an Open Musical Experience

The RHYME development team are currently working on creating the music for the 4th generation of RHYME Co-creative Tangibles. The goal is to meet the demands from the users, music therapists and focus groups, to choose the music of their own liking (self-regulation), both well known music and more abstract soundscapes. We edit and de-compose a linear tune into musically significant elements. Elements that the users can re-compose, based on advanced musical rules into a continuous musical experience, by interacting together. The different users, both at home and on a distance, can interact and co-create the music together. The co-creation can be achieved in many ways: through physical interaction in the Co-creative Tangibles; through a graphical iPad interface; or through writing compositions in a high level musical Twitter language on the mobile phone.
The 4th generation Co-creative Tangibles, named Polly, will offer the users a broad range of musical styles from beat-based popular music, children songs, classical music to more contemporary musical experiences. Currently (June 2014) we have about 40 different interactive visual and musical soundscapes the users can select from by choosing preferred Scene Cards with RFID tag. Under are some of the Scene Cards  Polly offers so far, but this part of Polly is in continues development, so we can offer new visual and musical experiences :

fox-2 lys-2 byssa-2 city-2 factory-2 gimme-2 lonesome-2 Boogi WondelandDyrene i Afrika edderkopp-2 help-2 bakvendtland-2

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