RHYME at ESSA 2014

On 29th of June RHYME member Anders-Petter Andersson held a presentation on the ESSA 2014 Conference. ESSA is the European Sound Studies Association annual conference. This time the Conference name was Sound Studies: Mapping the Field and was held in Copenhagen from 27th to 29 of June 2014.
ESSA is a community that has emerged from various traditional disciplines within the humanities and social sciences related to sound and music, such as musicology, art history, media and cultural studies, psychology, architecture and urban planning. Sound studies has been associated with inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches.
Anders-Petter Andersson presentation was titled “Creating Musical Actors” and is about the musical work in RHYME and Polly, the 4th generation of Co-creative Tangibles.

In his presentation Andersson argues that music is not longer only the sound object, instrument or piece of art, but the services around it. These are services in the form of actors with characters that behave coherent as they answer back musically, take initiative and develop over time. With perspectives from drama, game theory, actor-network-theory as well as from learning theories on motivation, Andersson explores two design cases from RHYME.

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